Outside control, money and fight for power

Dear Editor, 

Re: Director Leota commends leadership in protecting Pacific oceans

What does climate change have to do with protecting the coastal oceans for? 

Let me remind our Samoan people that these initiatives that the U.N. and the globalists are doing is not for the benefit of the Pacific. The agenda 2021 to the agenda 2030 is the total annihilation of our rights from our natural resources. Sounds like conspiracy theory, think again. 

They are very cunning in making something sound so legitimate and just but behind it all is a hidden agenda.

Everything from our land rights to our financial situations are all connected to this agenda. I’ll come back and expound more on this later. The globalists are taking over everything, you might think I’m blowing hot air but if you have “eyes to see and ears to hear” you can easily sense that something is terribly wrong here.

I might not have evidence to support my argument but if you gauge what’s happening around the world, you can easily figure out what’s going on. Climate change which is a natural phenomenon that happens every 2000 years according to Plato and other astrologers of antiquity is the greatest opportunity that these globalists use as a justifiable means to take the world hostage.

The wars that are going on in the middle east was by design for this purpose. Every country will come under One World Order. All the fixed assets and the wealth of the world will be centralized to only a few hands. 

If you go back in history its not hard to figure it out. The Pharaohs of Egypt did it to their people, the Romans did it by military campaigns and then later the Roman church took over and the rest is history. I have drawn the parallel between govt. and religion before and it compliments each other in a lot of sense. 

The one cannot survive without the other. That’s why rulers of old and now use God as a justifiable means for their control.

The globalist wants everyone to be serfs again, striping them from owning anything. 

Remember the Middle Ages when people didn’t own any land in Europe? They had the feudal system, which means the church and state which is one entity will be the steward of property to be distributed to everyone. 

A socialist society where the Elites will enjoy their caviar and their wine with their concubines while the rest will live off the food crumbs from the floor.

Napoleon disrupted their agenda when people got fed up with their control and took upon themselves and revolted.

The Congress of Vienna was implemented giving people some representation in Parliament and the settling of new boundaries.

They extended their land-grabbing scheme when their so-called explorer Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain in 1492 under the Christian flag to the Americas and discovered America. 

I have a problem with this so-called great explorer that claimed he discovered America when America was already inhabited by the Indians. The total arrogant and disregard by these people that they they think they have the right to claim anything. These are the same people that are still inflicting more pain to the people of the world.

Getting back to our own country to assess the situation. The policies that the P.M. is implementing here are all design for this purpose. The accepting of more foreign aid is by design as well? 

The customary land issues are all connected to this conspiracy. Why, the Bankers who the Elites own; knows very well that we can’t pay these loans so they will do what they did to Greece. Liquidate your assets and we will own you.

That’s why I have been very suspicious about the voting law that states; every person should “register” to vote and is mandatory to vote. Why? Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is something more sinister then that. Why would they pass such a law that requires everyone to vote? Do we have anymore rights or not?

It seems like the govt. is doubling down on the people by stripping away everything they have. We have more Judges in this small country then anywhere considering the number of people living in it. And they have used the law to intimidate everyone to be in compliance with their B.S. I don’t waste my time writing articles like this just for the sake of being negative all the time but I care too much for our people.

I will take the blame if what I’m advocating here is all rubbish.

But I will not subjugate my rights to no outside Monarchy that likes to control everyone just because they have money and power. 

I dare Samoa Observer to post this article because last time I did  it was denied. 

Again, use the Christ within all of us to call on things as they appear to be. Don’t be subjugated to conformity just because some book said so because all these things are man made. History has been manipulated and distorted by the world elites to give them the upper hand at the expense of the masses.

Rely on what Paul of Tarsus who was a Gnostic Christian said that our body is the temple of God; God in us, which is our brain together with our heart will lead us to the truth if we so desire to find it.

As usual; great love to you all my Samoan family.


Leituala Roger B

Samoa Observer

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