Who has the last word?

Think a Minute…Someone said: “Death is the worst part of life!” A famous entertainer once said:  “I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens!” 

Unfortunately, when it’s our time to die we don’t have any choice but to be there!  Death is a fact of life that none of us can escape! Sooner or later, every one of us is going to stand alone and look death in the face! 

Don’t forget, the statistics and chances of death are 100%, it never fails:  one out of every one people die! No one has ever gotten out of it alive!  It doesn’t matter how rich, powerful, strong, or healthy we are—we’re all going to die!  It may be a few more years or next week. So are you ready now? 

But almost worse than the fact of death is the fear of death. In the back of our minds we know that every day we’re getting closer and closer to the day we die.  

But is our death the end of us? Does death have the last word? Does it destroy our plans for living and take away all our hope?  The answer’s quite simple:  it depends on how and who you’re living for.

When it comes to death, Jesus Christ has been there and done that. 

He walked right into the grave and jaws of death…and came right back out alive!  Jesus Christ, not death, is the One Who has the last word. 

He’s the only person in history who could do it—for one simple reason: He’s God Himself. So we never again have to fear death!  You see, if you’re living His way every day in a personal relationship with Him, Jesus said He’s going to lead you safely through death into eternal life with Him.

Will death have the last word in your life?  Not if you choose to live for Jesus Christ! Only Jesus can get you through death—safe and alive! Only He speaks the last word! And it’s the word not of death but of eternal life to every person who will truly believe and live for Him. 

 So today, why not ask Jesus to forgive you for living your way and ask Him to take full control of your life?  

That’s when you can start living every day with no fear… not even of death! 

Just Think a Minute…

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