Watson gives Samoa pass mark

By Ivamere Nataro 09 June 2018, 12:00AM

Samoa’s laid back atmosphere is a check for Gayle Watson. 

It’s her first time to Samoa accompanying her partner, Brian Jones who is here for a golf trip with other golfers from New Zealand. 

It’s Brian’s second time to Samoa and the pair will leave the islands today. 

“Actually I wouldn’t really improve anything about Samoa because the things that you do is just the way things are in Samoa. It’s very laid back and relaxing and that is what I like,” Gayle shared of her impression of Samoa. 

The Dear Tourist team met Gayle at the Samoa Tourism Authority fale participating in the cultural tour. 

“Today (Thursday) would be one of the good memories about Samoa, just learning about the culture. 

“Samoa is lovely. Just the way you do things so naturally like the tattooing and the craftsmanship and the things you make are beautiful. 

“We just go to see different things each day. I don’t have any personal Samoan friends in New Zealand, but I just love how they look after their women as they say they do, I didn’t know that because in other countries it’s the women who do a lot of work for instance United States.” 

Gayle also highlighted the friendliness, beauty and smiley faces of the locals that is a giveaway for any first timer to Samoa’s shores. 

Despite New Zealand entering winter, she would still prefer the land of the long white cloud. 

“It’s not that cold but winter is coming and it’ll get down to about 4-5 degrees, sometimes less in the morning

“Personally, I don’t prefer the climate in the tropics because I find it a bit hot. It’ll be a bit hard all year around, I’m not very fond of air-conditioning, but Samoa is beautiful just for a holiday.” 

Gayle said she would recommend Samoa to other tourists. 

“I would recommend Samoa to tourists. The resorts are beautiful, everything is just so lovely, the churches and it’s so green too. I don’t understand how it can be so green and you hardly get any rain, but when you do get it, you get it a lot,” she said. 

Gayle has only had resort food but she hoped to finally taste local dishes at the cultural tour. 

“There could be another trip to Samoa, it depends because this is a golfing trip they’re on. It could happen again or it could just be a personal trip. At this point of time I wouldn’t know, but it would be nice to come back because it is so lovely.” 

Whether they will return or not, only time will tell. 

By Ivamere Nataro 09 June 2018, 12:00AM

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