Don’t believe any of it

Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. outlines Poly plan 

Tuilaepa is an interesting man for sure. He never talked about economic growth but he talks about more projects like Polynesian Airlines and the Finance centre, S.I.F.A., to make more loans and more loans.

It was the H.R.P.P government that sent Polynesian Airlines broke because they were sending their supporters, families and business associates to travel for free as part of their H.R.P.P. election campaign. On top of that, the H.R.P.P.  M.Ps at the time were travelling for free for their own personal affairs. 

So what makes him think that he can run Polynesian Airlines successfully again and make a profit? This is just another lie – it will not happen as long as he’s there.

Then P.M. Tuilaepa talked about S.I.F.A. S.I.F.A. is a money making machine for P.M. Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P. govt. Not even one member of the public knows till this day exactly how much money S.I.F.A. is generating except for some H.R.P.P. members and P.M. Tuilaepa.

He talked about cleaning up money laundering in Samoa. Why does P.M. Tuilaepa keep denying the $2 billion laundered thru S.I.F.A? Some of that money was laundered from Samoa via S.I.F.A to the Cayman Islands and ended up in the hands of terrorists and the government is totally aware of it. There are countries in Europe that have already black listed Samoa because of it. 

I believe President Donald Trump/America has also black listed Samoa, secretly.

Samoa is one of the countries on the top of the list in regards to the Panama Papers. 

So why doesn’t P.M. Tuilaepa tell the nation about the 9729 offshore companies that are registered in Samoa and that over 400+ of those companies all are linked to the infamous Panama Papers?

Interesting how there’s only 182 addresses for the 9729 fake companies here in Samoa. Most of the addresses for these offshore companies are govt buildings and other locations which includes S.I.F.A’s at the Development Bank – then there’s Central Bank; Lotemau Center; Bank of Samoa/A.N.Z. Bank; John Williams building; Nia Mall; the Gold Star building etc besides the many P.O. Boxes listed.

A certain former Finance Minister is one of the M.Ps involved with a lot of these offshore companies besides some other H.R.P.P. M.Ps involved as well. Is this the reason why P.M. Tuilaepa couldn’t sack him and kept him and the few others involved very, very close to him? By the way, the 20,000 passports that disappeared are linked to some of these offshore companies that were linked to the Panama Papers scandal.

This government has done more damage to this nation than anyone or any natural disaster. 

They have yet to explain to the nation what they had done with the 20,000 passports they had authorized for removal from the Immigration Department and how much they were sold for. 

Those passports belong to the people of this nation and we have a right to know about it. 

Only an uneducated fool would believe what this government says.

Mebahel Raguel

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