Wasting more money

Dear Editor,

I must say, that what a funny place this place called Samoa, and how the H.R.P.P created S.R.O.S in the first place and now they want to privatize it.

As long as the H.R.P.P lives, this will happen to our country.

My question is: Where are the many things that needed to be done from breadfruits and avocados that this S.R.O.S promised long time ago? 

And now there’s nothing but confusion, where are the people they appointed to do the jobs? 

The only thing this govt. is doing is looking for funds to fulfill their needs. I wonder also if they want to privatise S.Q.A? 

Well my suggestion is let S.R.O.S be under Agriculture, and S.Q.A be under Education. Make it short and sweet. Make use of those professionals that you appointed to those two organisations to use their fields under those government departments.

We need some at S.Q.A to teach Mathematics in our university or Physics rather than hiring overseas lecturers. I can’t see what the S.Q.A is doing so that we can cut out some big salaries going to nowhere.

As for S.R.O.S, they should appoint some Samoan Scientists to work under agriculture at Nu’u Research. Just a thought but pule a oukou pe create foi gisi kou mea fou faakele akili ai lava gi kakou aikalafu ma akili amio leaga ai lava ma amio a kagaka lakou. Ia have a nice weekend Samoa!



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