Making up for the past

Think a minute…Some time ago I read in the newspaper about a father who had killed his 10-year-old son because his school report was not good enough. The father was so angry that he reached for the nearest thing, a steel rod, and hit his son on the back. His 10-year-old little boy was killed instantly. Can you imagine the pain and regret that father lives with!

We all have regrets, and the feeling that we want to make up for the wrong we’ve done. Yet we know that in most situations we can’t. Sometimes we can repair the damage. We can pay a debt that’s long overdue. We can return the money we cheated or stole from somebody. 

But most times it’s simply impossible to make up for what we’ve done wrong. Like beating and cursing your child in a moment of anger. No candy or toy can make up for how we hurt, even destroyed their trust in us. Think of the man addicted to alcohol, drugs, or kava, or has adulterous affairs, putting his wife and children through years of pain, lies, and violence. Yet even if he finally does stop drinking or having affairs, how can he ever erase or make up for all the hurt and damage he caused? How does the mother who had an abortion forgive herself and get free from her guilt?

So we can’t always repair the damage we’ve caused, no matter how much we try, not even through religion! That’s why Jesus Christ, Who was not guilty of any wrong, gave His own innocent life to free you and me from all our wrongs and guilt. The only way we can make up for all the wrong we’ve done is by asking Jesus for His free gift of forgiveness and new life which He paid for with His own life.

It’s true that you cannot change your past, but Jesus can start changing your life now. If you ask Him to take control of your heart and character every day, He will give you a new life by helping you change with His love and power. Even with all your past failures and wrongs, your Maker will still give you another chance. So why not ask Him today? Just Think a Minute …

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