A Christian society?

Every week, we see our justice system dealing with cases of theft, murder, rape, and incest. If research is to be believed, and many cases go unreported, these cases are just the tip of the iceberg. So in this Christian country of ours, where many of our values come from the Bible,  why are there escalating numbers filling up our courtrooms? Is this simply a reflection of our society nowadays? Ilia L. Likou spoke to people in the street. 

Sela Salevao, 40, Fasito’o uta

The main reason why cases like these have come to notice is because mothers are not carrying out their motherly duties and responsibilities. The mother is the one whose voice seems to hold the family together, who directs the children to do the right thing so without the mother, acting her role, everything falls apart. To me, the solution is very simple, have faith and go to church, spend quality time with your families and children.

Leilani Tulima, 34, Fasito’o uta

The answer is simple. The Bible says that we are getting near to the end of this lifetime. The other answer is that the world has changed and with technology as one of those changes, kids can easily gain access to the internet and we all know what’s there. Personally, these are all the punishments for our sins as we get closer to the end of the world and the only thing to do now is pray and stay close to God. 

Ki Ah-Kee, 48, Lotoso’a Saleimoa

I think this sort of thing happens depending on how weak your faith has become and not only that, but also when you’re someone with a wicked mind then all you ever think about is doing foolish things. The other reason is because these people never go to church. For me, looking after my daughters is not something that I belittle because I know how the world works. I always talk to my wife about how they should be raised. I think that’s why problems such as these especially with incest happen, is because the mother is not keeping an eye on her children and also not doing her motherly duty. The only solution to people who are behaving this way; is from the government and that is; these people should be locked up. But within families, parents should always look out for their children in order to avoid these problems. 


Ene Taleo, 23, Fasito’o 

I think people who are acting this way are the ones who have suffered and struggled in their minds with their own problems; always needing help but they can’t get it so they end up doing bad things. They started having a different perspective on life and all that, so all they want to do is bad things. My solution is, there should be a programme to help these people have direction in their lives and also to live their lives in the right way. 


Leiua Lausi’i, 26, Faleula

Issues like these are happening because there is no more real love in our families. We have families, we have homes but we don’t even feel safe anymore. Another thing is, our priorities have changed; people are putting other things first before their own families and this is the only solution as to why  people are doing bad things like this. My advice to parents is don’t just stay home when you know something doesn’t feel right, seek help or counseling from other people.



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