Your uneducated opinion

Dear Editor,

Re: Church Ministers and Head of State taxed 

It so happens that this foreigner Wendy in wonderland hates church institution and the clergy. She has also publically admitted that she is an atheist. 

So as it appears from her comments, she would rather have a churchless Samoa where people swap their Sunday whites with near naked bikinis and hit the beach on Sundays. 

This is what’s happening with our country thanks to these idiotic foreigners and their idiotic opinions. 

Do you know how much the church is doing for this country of ours? 

Probably not which deems your opinions rude and offensive. Apart from The spiritual wellbeing of the people, the church is providing education to 70% of the children in this country. 

Their budget allocations from the donations and sacrifices of its faithful is 80% to education. 

They also donate to health, the elderlies amongst others. Making sure that the children of this country have a chance in life. 

Those are facts that as an atheist, you either don’t know or seem to ignore every time you open your mouth against the church. 

So why don’t you just enjoy the life in Samoa and have the freedom to breath the air that God created. 

If you don’t like it here and the way we live and worship the Lord Almighty, then you know where the airport is and go back to where you came from. A wise man once said, ‘you say it best, when you say nothing at all’. 

As we say in Samoa - Tofa Soifua.



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