Think a minute…Guiseppe’s father came from a family of fishermen. In fact, for 300 years the men in his family had been fishermen in the country of Sicily. 

His father eventually moved to San Francisco where he continued their fishing business. Eventually they had 9 children. From the time they could walk, all the boys helped their father on his fishing boat. All the sons, except poor Guiseppe. 

Guiseppe simply was not able to be a fisherman like all of his brothers because it made him so terribly seasick. His stomach could not endure the motion of the boat or the strong smell of fish. But his father could not accept the fact that Guiseppe was not naturally suited to a fishing career. Throughout Guiseppe’s childhood and teen years, his father frequently told him that he was a failure and good-for-nothing.

Guiseppe was deeply hurt and wounded by his father continually criticizing and shaming him. Guiseppe kept trying his very best to help his family in some way; so as a young boy he went out on the streets and worked every job he could find to bring money back to his father. 

Yet instead of his father being proud of his hard-working son, he kept telling Guiseppe that he was lazy and good-for-nothing. Finally, Guiseppe simply gave up hope on ever pleasing or being good enough for his father.  

Guiseppe got involved in sports and discovered that he was a naturally talented athlete, especially in baseball. In fact, he became the most successful son in the entire family. The boy whom his father had always called good-for-nothing became one of the greatest professional baseball players in history. You may have heard of Guiseppe by his American name, Guiseppe…Joe…DiMaggio. And his 1941 amazing record of hitting and getting on base in 56 consecutive games still stands to this day!

Fortunately, Guiseppe Joe Dimaggio eventually learned not to believe all the wrong, hurtful things his father had said to him. 

Guiseppe never stopped trying until he finally found his special abilities. So even if your own family has told you that you will never be successful, or that you are good-for-nothing, do not believe them. Just forgive them and know that your heavenly Father created you for great things. You can become successful and reach your full potential. 

Come home to your true Father, God, by asking God the Son to take charge of your heart and way of living every day. Jesus will help you to forgive and forget your past hurts, so you can move on to become all that He made you to be. Just think a minute… 

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