Despite some interesting changes, Samoa is moving forward

By Sarafina Sanerivi 05 December 2016, 12:00AM

We may not all agree with some of the changes but Alofa’aga Posala, from the village of Papauta says either we accept it or be left in the dust while the world moves on.

Aged 43, Alofa’aga is proud that Samoa has gone through so many developing changes. With a few issues here and there, he explains that it’s nothing we can’t fix.

One of the main problems in light of all of Samoa’s changes is the youth; Alofa’aga says he has grown sick of the youth dragging Samoa’s name in the dirt.

“One of the issues in Samoa is the behaviour of the youth and how they drag Samoa down,” he tells the Village Voice.

“The young have such fowl attitudes and the way they live their lives affect the entire nation. It’s saddens me to see the state our youth are in.

“No matter how much we develop, we still need to deal with the youth. Their brainless behaviour makes everything very tough for everyone.

“They should be at home taking care of their family’s rather than causing trouble everywhere.”

But where does the fowl attitude come from? Alofa’aga says that home is your first school and your parents are your first teachers.

“The way I see it, everything starts at home,” he said.

“Blame should go nowhere else but to the parents of the troublesome youth. If the young were taught well by their parents as they grew up then we wouldn’t have an issue right now.

“We are a Christian nation and we should act like it. We are founded on God so we should teach our children how to live Godly lives.

“Right now the actions of the youth make it seem that we are a nation far away from God. We must build everything we do on the foundation of the Lord.”

But other than that issue, Alofa’aga says that life in Samoa is getting easier through all the developing changes.

“To tell you the truth, I feel that life in Samoa is getting easier and easier,” he said.

“As a nation, we have come so far in terms of development and that makes living simple and easy. There will always be struggles and issues but we are doing well for ourselves.

“Yes the cost of living is getting higher, but we can still handle it. Samoa is moving forward and is no longer at a standstill.”

Alofa’aga’s message to Samoa is to sit back and accept the changes as it happens.

“Everything in Samoa is great,” he said.

“Samoa is not sitting down, we are constantly moving and we should embrace that. Many people don’t like the changes but I feel that it is essential and acceptable.

“Without the changes then Samoa will be left behind while the whole world moves forward.”

By Sarafina Sanerivi 05 December 2016, 12:00AM
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