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Re: Beliefs, politics and truth 

Your belief in your religious truth holds no evidence that it is in fact the truth. 

A biblical education is not necessarily a measure of whether one is educated or uneducated either. No more than it would make sense to refer to a Dr. of medicine as uneducated because he/she is not an expert in political theory. 

Some people are just not that interested in exploring modern day myth and fairytales or priding themselves on being some kind of biblical scholars, even if the myths have been around for 2000 years, Christianity, or more, Judaism, or less, Islam. It also is irrelevant if you live in Samoa, Canada or Africa, myth and fairytales are just that, stories written by men to help them make sense out of their surroundings. 

I suppose this is why we no longer sacrifice goats when we have bad crop seasons. 

Or why we don’t see people rising from the dead or put mud on our eyes to restore sight. This is the truth about your religious beliefs. So regardless of where one lives it’s just not that important to dwell on myth and stories, especially when you decide they are based in some kind of universal truth, when there is domestic and global reality to deal with on a daily basis, like fair taxation, climate change, poverty and a growing gap between the rich and poor because of unfettered capitalism. 

This for some people is a much more practical way to educate themselves. 

All I can see that your myth education can hope to achieve is that you will help people get their souls to heaven. 

Unfortunately you can’t prove heaven or souls, and because one doesn’t need god to be moral, I would say biblical study is really a waste of an education. I hope you get this simple fact about truth and religion. 

It’s really only facts that are sacred.


Wendy Wonder 

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