Fatima vows to return with fiancé

By Yolanda Lavata’i 23 November 2018, 12:00AM

Having a Samoan as a work colleague has its benefits and that is why Brisbane-based Fatima Bare flew into Samoa on Monday.

She is a nurse and has a colleague who is Samoan—who despite living close to 4000 km away from home—never stops talking about the motherland.  

“I call her mama Annie, she always talks about Samoa, her home and I finally decided I’d visit. She was supposed to come with me but was unable to,” Fatima told Dear Tourist.

Since her arrival in Samoa early in the week, she has been to Savai’i and did a tour of the big island, enjoyed the crystal blue waters and the beaches, and stayed at the Manase beach fales (huts).

“You feel like you’re at home because of the culture,” she added.

On Upolu Fatima has visited the waterfalls, the To Sua Oceanic trench and the local markets. 

“It’s quite safe. My first night I went for a walk and I met some of the children and they were friendly,” she said, though she wished she could have said the same for the pestering dogs.

“But I felt safe,” she added.

What does she think about Samoan culture? She said the culture and religion is very rich in Samoa.

“The culture and religion is very rich in both here and Savaii. I was having a beer on the street when I got told off. But I respected that.”

And her first few days in Samoa have not been without its challenges too, when she was greeted by a swarm of mosquitoes. 

Laughing off the experience, she said staff at the hotel told her: “Mosquitoes like foreigners’ blood! Other than that people are helpful and easy to engage with.”

While her Samoan work colleague Mama Annie was not able to join her on this trip, Fatima said she will return with her boyfriend, hopefully next year after her engagement.

By Yolanda Lavata’i 23 November 2018, 12:00AM
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