About the Torrens land system

Dear Editor

Re: Maua Faleuto and customary lands 

1) Who invented the Torrens system and what year was its formation? (I am aware of the history of the Torrens system. I am asking for the sake of applying apples to apples and oranges to oranges.) This is basic economics.

2) Can the Torrens system be customized to accommodate Samoa’s Constitution and Matai system?

3) Given that we are in the 21st century with a plethora of advancement, do you think the leaders of Samoa’s government or her people are incapable of dissecting and taking apart a system that was conducive for usage back in the 19th century, to subsequently apply the 21st century understanding to fit into Samoa’s traditions?

4) Is the rule of law with the application of the “Constitution” not categorized as a “system” as well for the sake of protecting the “lessons” we’ve learned throughout our history as a people?

5) Your “3) The US$1 billion being given to Samoa every year now, which is being “stolen” from Aiga by corrupt politicians.” ------Show me proof of this and I’ll follow through in tracking since I have my own means of doing so. It would seem that somebody is giving you some “intel” and you are the “mouthpiece.”

Point Being: Dr. Tamasailau Suaalii-Sauni was kind enough to provide some information about the Pacific Law Conference that she co-sponsored. 

Your name was cited and RNZ deliberately distorted their first article that was published attacking the former Head of State. 

Since the 2nd Pacific Law Conference will follow, I will gladly sponsor it here in the U.S. and provide my own research.

Malia Muagututia-Herz

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