Are Manu fans keeping the faith?

24 May 2016, 12:00AM

Despite the disappointing result from the Manu Samoa 7’s team in the London leg last weekend, most of the country still have faith in the team and support our team. In our Street Talk today, Sarafina Sanerivi asked the people on the streets about what they think of the performance of the team and this is what they said:

Samaila Onosa’i (Saina) 

We still have a great team. I am happy and grateful to the coach and the management and also the players for all their hard work and effort they’ve put in. It’s a lot of pressure on them as the whole country expects them to win every time. But we have to remember that we do not always succeed every time we try, and we have to accept whatever the result could be. When our boys won the Paris leg, they made us happy. They did their best and they made us proud and happy. And that was the most important thing. Winning that cup for our country was not easy, but they did it and just because they didn’t win this time, doesn’t mean that we have to hate them for that. We are not the only team who competed in the London leg and we weren’t the team who was in to win it. So let’s not judge them and point fingers at our boys. They’ve been training and trying their best to represent our country in rugby. Let’s give them the support they need and stay loyal to them. I love the team we have now, especially our captain, Faalemiga Selesele. He was outstanding and I hope the younger players can learn from him and start playing like him. But then on the other hand, I think after Lupesoliai won the fight, everyone forgot about the disappointing result from the Manu Samoa. 

Keke Nathan (Vaitele-fou)

I really appreciate the effort and the hard work our players and coach have put in to represent our country in rugby. It’s no easy job to do. But as supporters, we have to remember that we are not the only team who wants to win the cup. All the other teams are in it to win it as well. And they’ve also put in a lot of effort and time to get to the top. That is good sportsmanship; when we win we celebrate and when we lose, we still have to accept whatever the outcome is and be happy about it. It’s not the end of the world, the sun will rise again. 

Aunei Fineaso (Neiafu)

I am very disappointed. This is because there were a lot of changes in the way our boys played last weekend. They were making a lot of errors and they were very careless. They didn’t have the same attitude they had during the Paris leg. The win at the Paris tournament was unexpected, and they wowed not only our country, but also other countries from all around the world. They were inconsistent. They could’ve at least made it to the finals of the cup since they won the previous leg. But I think being called the “Kings of Paris” got into their heads and led to the disappointing performance they showed last weekend.

Evita Vagana (Vaitele-Fou) 

I think they were great. I’ve seen a lot of criticism by our people because of the results from the London leg, but I think that it shouldn’t be like that. I just felt like they didn’t really try their best and that’s why they didn’t make it to the top this time. But I think we’ve got a great team now and we should develop these players.

Leiua Elisaia (Sagone)

We are a supportive country. We always support our boys in blue and we always expect them to win every time they play. However, we don’t always win. Everyone expected our team to win again after they won at the Paris leg. But I have to admit that it was very sad that they didn’t make it to the top. They looked like they never trained after they won in Paris. They were not fit and there was no team work. They played like they didn’t know how to play rugby. There were a lot of careless mistakes and they didn’t listen to the coach.

Paula Nansen (Aleisa) 

I am still happy with our team. At least they won a cup for our country. Win or lose, I am still a fan of our team and I will still support them. I still believe that they will become a better team and we should continue to support them.

24 May 2016, 12:00AM

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