Finding a lost masterpiece

Think a minute…Did you know that you’re not one person, but three?  The person you think you are, the person other people think you are, and the person you really are.  One day a man was looking in a second-hand art shop. He picked up a painting that looked very cheap, almost worthless.

But as he looked closer, he saw another painting that was hidden underneath the cheap one. He knew that many lost masterpieces worth thousands even millions of dollars were hidden this way. 

So he bought it and hurried home to begin taking off the top cheap painting.  After many hours of careful work, he could finally see a beautiful masterpiece of art that had been lost for years. But now it was finally restored to its original intended beauty and purpose.

You know, all of us are like that masterpiece painting. The original person God made you and me to be is hidden by what others think we are, but especially by the person we think we are.

So our wrong thinking about ourselves keeps us from becoming the person we can really be. Everything we are and do comes from the way we see ourselves. So if we want to change, we must go much deeper than just changing our actions and behavior.  We must change the way we think and see ourselves in our own mind and heart.

You know, other people usually just see the surface—how we look and act on the outside or how much we’ve achieved in school or our job and career. But that’s just a part of you.  Only your Maker knows the real you that’s hidden underneath what others and you yourself see.

That’s why God the Son came to show us how to see ourselves clearly, and to give us His inner power that we need to reach our potential.  Jesus Christ is the only One Who can show you the person God created you to be, and then help you actually become that person. 

So won’t you ask Him to forgive you for your wrong ways of living and thinking? Jesus can start changing your mind today so you can finally start becoming everything you can be.  Just Think a Minute…

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