Always ready

Re: Atinae Afamiliona jailed for six years for machete attack on his wife 

a gleam of silver... 

carved wooden handle 

caressed in a fist...


The machete lying above the fale post – 

shhhh, shhhh; 

always ready.


the machete beside the umu pit – 

wisp, wisp; 

always ready...


the machete hidden deep in thick bamboo – 

shhh, shhh; 

always ready...


the machete close to the roasting pig – 

spit, spit; 

always ready...


the machete swiped across the palm frond – 

whoosh, whoosh; 

always ready...


the machete concealed behind the toilet door – 

shit, shit; 

always ready...


the machete beneath the counter of the market stall – 

shhh, shhh; 

always ready.


the machete slashing plantations leaves – 

swoosh, swoosh; 

always ready.


the machete hanging amidst the White Sunday best –

 shhh, shhh;

 always ready.


the machete resting above the kava bowl – 

swish, swish; 

always ready.


the machete glinting in the outrigger boat –

 fish, fish; 

always ready.


The machete’s bloody blade of malice 

always ready to inflict deadly menace – 

... the intruder who steps around the sleeping dogs,

 ... the assailant who taunts with a loaded gun, 

... the robber who treads softly in the silent dark,

 ... the anguished terror of the unruly son, 

... the nightly tears of the betrayed daughter,

... the searing silence of the loyal wife, 

... the desperate pleas of the slaughtered one.


A machete beneath the driver’s side foot mat – 

shhh, shhh; 

always ready.


The machete wielded high above the shoulders, 

bash, bash. 

the machete flung sideways from his hip, 

gash, gash.

the machete raised relentlessly over her legs, 

crash, crash. 

the machete swung wildly to and fro, 

smash, smash.


The machete forcefully grasped, 

Raining lethal blows 

just so she knows – 

she can never leave.


Splitting skin, 

Tearing tissue, 

Snapping bones, 

Shredding hope.


The machete has no business 

being on Sydney’s streets. 

For twenty years 

it had been her private hell 

shhh, shhh...

now it was all on public view. 

Before, who ever knew 


She. Was. Always. Ready.



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