Education is the key to technology

By Deidre Fanene 24 May 2016, 12:00AM

A lot of issues and problems that are arising nowadays are being blamed on the use of new technology.

However, an expert from New Zealand, who was here for business says that people need to be educated on how to use the technology.

Manager for Print in Samsung B2B Division, Victor Tsai, who is in Samoa for the Samsung Road show said that the use of technology is based on the person’s decision.

One of the main things that Mr. Tsai stressed was the use of security so that people are not able to use technology in the wrong way.

“Security is the key thing for I.T. products and it’s been an issue since the early 90’s.  I think people are getting smarter and the best thing to do is to properly educate the young ones on how to use technology the right way,” he said.

 “They have smart minds and are inquisitive so they will try and do things like hacking.  We might need to divert them to make sure that they don’t use their skills in the wrong way and I think education is the key.”

Mr. Tsai agreed there are no guarantees  that this would work because the issue is a global issue and so everyone needs to work together to solve it.

“Education is not just one person’s job but as a parent, I have to make sure that my kids are more educated through school, through society and so this problem requires everyone to work together,” he said.

“I think this issue is bigger than something that can be handled by just an individual so I think education is the key to ensure that kids are thinking the right way and doing the right thing.” 

“Technology is a means of communication. It’s easier for us to get information and the people that receive it are the ones responsible for the information,” he said.

“We use technology for our work because it’s much easier but if people use it the wrong way then that is their own decision that they have made and they need to pay for the consequences.

“Which brings me back to what I said before, education on how to use technologies is very important.

“So it’s basically up to the people on what they do with the information and how they use it, but hopefully through education, people will be able to think for themselves and stand up for themselves and do what they believe is right.

“[But] technology is not a bad thing because we are living in a world that is going forward and we need it for our work and communication but some people, they only use it for the wrong reasons and that is why I stress the importance of education.”

By Deidre Fanene 24 May 2016, 12:00AM
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