Grandpa speaks of changes

By Ulimasao Fata 13 January 2018, 12:00AM

Changes in young people are more evident today than the past. 

Tamapolutoso Fonoti Salimu, a grandfather and father of 11, says young people’s attitudes towards life is different these days.

 “The knowledge young people inherit these days does not only bring out the good, but also the bad in them,” the 79-year-old from Nofoali’i told the Village Voice team yesterday. 

Mr. Salimu says the influence of today’s world has made them lose focus of themselves and their respect for elders. 

“Some youths today are just mucking around the streets and getting drunk without thinking of their families,” he added. 

“I remember back then when I was in my youth, we use to compete with whoever gets to work in a huge plantation, but now the youths are competing with who can drink the most beer.

“They are getting addicted to drugs and alcohol instead of trying to support their families.”

Mr. Salimu says more Samoans are migrating overseas for better opportunities.

 “They are moving to overseas countries to look for jobs and for a better environment for their families.”

He also commented on the changing weather patterns in Samoa nowadays.

“Back then, we never hear of a tsunami or even earthquake except from the Bible, but today we are so vulnerable to these natural disasters.

“Another major change is that for our plantation back then, we hardly use chemicals to make our crops grow well, but today, if you don’t have the right chemicals, then it’s not good.”

Mr. Salimu added people should prioritize what’s important for their family’s daily survival.

“Our Prime Minister once said we struggle because of our culture.

“How can a family that grieves for a deceased, spend so much on the funeral, I think that’s too much.

“Nothing is wrong with just serving a cup of tea during funerals.”

By Ulimasao Fata 13 January 2018, 12:00AM

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