Hard work overcomes life’s struggles

By Aruna Lolani 03 April 2017, 12:00AM

If you don’t work and all you do is depend on others to take care of you, then you will get nowhere in this life. 

A father from the village of Lauli’i, Adrian Faletuai told the Village Voice that the cost of living is expensive and it’s such a pain but work is the answer.

“My family does well. We have good access to water, our electricity is good and pretty much everything is running smoothly,” he said

 “I have seven children and they are all in school.

“I worked in New Zealand at a slaughterhouse and that was basically my family’s source of income and it covered the expenses for the children’s schools. 

“At the moment, I’m on a break from my job and we are to go back in about a month. 

“You’ve found me at this time, working the plantation to earn some money, and as you can see, this is how I’m spending my break.

“My work in New Zealand is not easy. I always miss my family here when I’m away but that’s how it should be if we need money. 

 “So even if I really miss my children and family, I try to be patient and focus on working hard because this is all for the good of the family. 

“My only hope is for my children to have better futures as well as having enough money to pay for what they need for school and other things.”  

This father said he always looks forward to working in his plantation whenever he plans to come back to Samoa. 

“The plantation makes good money and it’s a good source of money, which is why I always work in the plantation when I come here. 

“I think I’m also used to how life was back where we turn to plantations for everything we need. 

“I believe before we receive all these blessings, most people have plantations to provide for them. That is why I’m spending as much time as I can here before I go back.

 “I’m thankful to God for the strength and good thoughts he has given us in taking care of our families.  

“This is why I work hard, because the future of my family matters to me, especially the future of my children.  

“This life is not easy anymore. 

Working hard is the only way to get out of a life of struggle.”

By Aruna Lolani 03 April 2017, 12:00AM
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