A threat on faifeaus is a threat on every Samoan

Dear Editor,


What did we say Samoa? 

This government has become so desperate its now threatening its own people. The devil has stripped his suit and exposed his dirty, smelly undergarments and it aint pretty. Their ugliness has now been exposed for all to see. 

So the government has the right to our bank accounts? Whaaat! 

How is this possible and in what part of our law is the government given the right to handle private personal bank accounts? 

Where in the law are they allowed to take our personal assets? 

The so-called ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ party has no regard for the people of this country. They are filled with greed and lust for ultimate control. 

They want our land and now they want our money. 

To you Mr. Mad Max before you start strutting your way to people’s bank accounts, make sure you pay your millions of debt to the bank. 

Or are you trying to transfer money from the faifeaus bank accounts to your bank account.

The E.F.K.S. should start withdrawing their money from all banks including aulotus accounts. Because people, your money is no longer safe in the bank. 

The devil has one goal and one goal only and that is to steal, kill and destroy. 

And that ladies and gentlemen is the government’s new motto. 

We have had enough of Mad Max and his ‘le mafaufau’ mouth it’s high time we do something about this greedy human being.  

Stand strong E.F.K.S. we the members stand along side you and are prepared for whatever this government has got planned for our faifeaus. 

The devil will not put his filthy hands on God’s money.



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