The Tautua Samoa and the elections

Dear Editor,


Malo Tautua. Samoa has voted and spoken. That is, on election papers. 

But I want to reiterate that it is far from reality and it is NOT a true and honest reflection of the true will of the rest of the country. The election result is just a picture of how far and how bad corruption or its effects have eaten into our people. It is a true measure of how desperate the people are and how much they are in need of the strong H.R.P.P caravan of deceitful love. 

Didn’t Stui and the H.R.P.P just say that there was no poverty in Samoa?

Most of who voted are the under-educated, non-understanding, uninformed, illiterate people fooled by the easy perks given. (No offence to those not in this category, but I know you understand exactly what I mean). 

I am not blaming them for their educational status, but I only feel sorry for their lack of knowledge and/or ignorance of the issues our poor country is facing today, and will be facing tomorrow. 

E le malamalama lelei le toatele o nai tagata I le corrupt ma le le sa’osa’o o nei mau mea e fai. Na o le tu’u atu lava o le mea I le lima e faanofo filemu ai, oso ma le tick lakou, ae leiloa le mea e mulimuli mai ma tupu I latou fanau ma aiga I le lumanai. Na o nei lava, ae a faapefea taeao?

To the defeated Tautua members, at least you guys gave a fight, as the opposition, and exposed a lot (good and bad) during the last five years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and services to the people of Samoa. You were trashed, called stupid, little kids, bush lawyers, amongst many other names inspite your educational credentials (that I think should have been acknowledged instead), and yet you stood up like “A few good men”.

I write to encourage you NOT to give up the fight. You may have lost this small battle, but the “War is ON”. And you are not alone. Fai mai upu a toeaiina e le sala “Se pau, o le pau a le popo uli”. 

Five years is not a long time, toe timata le upega, ma toe saga’i mai foe o le tai e toe afua se taeao fou. You should have learnt from the mistakes or downfalls of this year’s preparations, now build on the strengths that you got from the weaknesses. Management skills 101 brothers, se ga kou aooga uma lava I mea ga. Implement loa.

To the “Last man standing”, “The Last of the Mohicans” Ae’au Peniamina Leavaiseeta from Falealupo, “You’re the Man”. Malo le sailimalo, malo le tau. Se ua Malietoa. On a oe Brother, alu ai pea. You are not alone. You are in a lot of people’s prayers. 

Die with honor and integrity. Remain the best, not susu like the rest. You and your colleagues who will form the very very small opposition are and will not be alone. The whole country will join you as the opposition party. So be brave and stand up for all of us.

Samoa my beloved it is your choice, now we face the consequences of a one party government for the next five years. But then that’s what’s good about democracy, we are all free to do what we think is right. Freedom of choice it’s called.

God bless Samoa.


Tonalo Laau Aa

Independent voter Falealili

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