Let’s leave crime fighting to the Police

Dear Editor,

I suggest the Mayor of Apia has no business involving the village of Apia in the manner he described in a recent article in your paper, concerning the serial attacks by the youths on members of the public. 

“...we just want to catch them...hand them to the police ....”  

His is a misguided mission putting the lives of the folks from Apia whom he is involving in this overkill in danger.  This is not his or Apia village’s fight. This is not the jurisdiction of the village of Apia with due respect.

This is a Police matter and there are laws to guide the Police in quelling the violent crimes. Let the Police do their work; and all of us should support them. So far the Police need to pull up their socks, catch the budding young criminals and book the dates with the court. Murder has been committed by a young thug in connection with these crimes.

The policing of the city of Apia may very well be a topical subject in light of the fatal and brutal crimes at the hands of these young thugs. 

The recent murder, crimes by the youths, and many white collar crimes are increasing in this town.   

Maybe we need a Police Station for the City of Apia?  

Street crimes are often related to drugs, gangs, alcohol, money, greed, hate, and that disillusioned-looking-for-trouble--attitude in youths  committing wanton crime. 

Let the Police handle these bad apples and I hope the Police have the guts to make necessary changes and bring on the solution. Corporal Punishment. 

There is too much wishy, washy liberal nincumboob blaming here and there. Blame the parents! the  faifeaus!  the journalists! the movies…etc  

If blame is the name of the game, blame the corruption in the government and in this town. 

Ushering in a nihilist culture that the vulnerable like the youths are now feeding off.   These young schmucks need a good old fashion whip on the ass to clear their troubled minds. If they are criminal minds, send them to jail.

Finally a word of advice to Tuiletufuga Siaosi.  Remember when a fight breaks out and one of the young criminals throw a rock and result to fatality in an Apian involved in your vigilante group or vice versa, a whole lot of legal issues or civil claims will be on your head. 

We have read your comments in the paper. Police work is protected by law. Your group is not a government dept.  My uncle used to say in situations like this - “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. And look before you leap.”

Mr. F.I

City of Apia

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