Capitalism and colonialism

Dear Editor,

Capitalism is about opportunities to make money and to have a comfortable lifestyle. That’s the only reason why there’s an Anglo Saxon lawman in Samoa right now. 

Whether you migrated for economic reasons or your ancestors were part of the colonial invasion, the fact remains that people move from place to place looking for opportunities to better their lives. 

However, there’s a huge difference between ‘getting opportunities’ and being opportunistic, the latter can best describe the corrupt cohorts and their supporters who are supporting corruption in the government of Samoa. 

Don’t try to be this virtuous and morally coherent person by lecturing Samoa on how we should look after our elderly parents. You just don’t have that, your M.O. is corruption and ignoring injustices Mr. agent of the law. 

Both Corruption and Injustices were hallmarks of colonialism and their savagery against native people, by the look of things that trait is still in your genes. 

Just remember that Samoans overseas are looking after their families, we send REMITTANCES in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year. 

That’s commitment and that’s duty to our families and REMITTANCES is boosting the economy of Samoa. So you should never question our commitment to our families and our parents Mr. intelligent lawman. 

We from overseas are serving Samoa with Integrity and Dignity, something that we just can’t find in the government and corrupt cohorts of Samoa.

Le Mafa P.  

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