Should the Manu Samoa play against the Samoa A team?

Members of the public were asked by Adel Fruean for their views.


Aloese Niupau, 23, Saleimoa

I fully support the Manu Samoa playing against the Samoa A team. The reason being is that they should give the opportunity to Samoan players to test their capabilities against the professional overseas players that are in the Manu Samoa team. I heard that the Samoa A team won the Americas Pacific Challenge which is quite impressive and also to give them the opportunity to be in the national squad. 


Salatielu Sua, 55, Toamua

I agree with the idea of Samoa A playing against the Manu Samoa team, due to the fact that it will be a good opportunity to have a clash of the titans contest, meaning it will determine which team is better – that way there will be no more talk concerning both teams. But most importantly it will provide the Samoa A team with a chance to prove that they have players with great talent who should join our country’s team.


Elena Sagote, 27, Leauvaa

I do not agree with the idea of having a match between the Samoa A team and Manu Samoa. I believe that the Manu Samoa team represents our country but it is not good to have our own teams play against each other, in other words that brings out a bad impression that our country is not united in the field of rugby. I know that our national squad has international players but they are Samoans even I they live elsewhere, the Samoan blood runs in their veins.


Saofaga Eti, 42, Sapapalii, Savaii 

In my own perspective, there should be a match between Manu Samoa and the Samoa A team. I only say that because I want those two teams to be united, it’s not about the two teams going against each other to see who is better. But for the main purpose of bringing them together to form an even better and stronger team, so that it can contribute to our national team having a greater chance at the World Cup.


Sooula Galumalemana, 23, Faleasiu

I think that there should be a test match between these two teams, Manu Samoa and Samoa A. It will benefit both teams, with that being said Samoa A will get the chance to showcase their skills, and hopefully be selected for the Manu Samoa. And as for the Manu Samoa team, the game will help them reveal what they are really made off in terms of their abilities and talents so that people will stop criticising them.   


Lanu Tuaniu, 37, Lefagaoalii

Personally, there should be a match between these two teams, Samoa A and Manu Samoa. I support that because I only want the best team to represent our country in the World Cup and if players in the Samoa A have the capabilities to do so than that should be the best choice for us. But if our national squad proves itself victorious than we will have no more worries about our chances in the World Cup.


Waine Roberts, 21, Siusega

The Manu Samoa and Samoa A team should have the chance to play against each other. In my own opinion there are too many overseas players in our national squad, with this game it will hopefully give the chance for some local players to be recruited to represent our country. Our local players may not have the experience like the overseas players, but they have a great sense of pride and love for their own country.


Soo Tupuola, 23, Vaitele

I like the idea of Manu Samoa playing against the Samoa A team. I feel that it will help our national team improve on any weaknesses and strengthen its capabilities with them playing against the Samoa A team, who just recently won the Americas Pacific Challenge. The Samoa A team will help bring to the table their skills that helped them win that tournament.


Iese Fausia, 34, Samauga

I agree that the Samoa A team should play against the Manu Samoa team because I honestly support the skills that are showcased by players in the Samoa A team. I admit that there is great talent within these players and with this game it will help their skills to be recognized.


Pesa Pati, 30, Vaitele 

I approve of a game between Manu Samoa and Samoa A team because there has been so much criticism of our national team so with this match it can help them prove themselves on home soil and in front of our people that they were the right team picked to represent our country. As for the Samoa A team, it would be nice if some of them could be chosen for the national squad, so that they can apply their skills from the Americas Pacific Challenge to ensure we win the World Cup.


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