Say no to refugees

Dear Editor,

Re: Refugees talk in Samoa

Wow, are you people stupid? 

Has anyone seen the result of refugees in Europe? 

They have devastated the economies of those nations by just taking the benefits of living on the dole and no appreciation. 

They want to take over the countries they inhabit and enforce their own religion and rules...over the existing religions and rules of the countries they are fleeing to for help. These are not refugees in many instances. 

They are criminals and war soldiers. Big mistake. 

Please reconsider for the benefit of our people...we are not beholden to the U.N. They do not own Samoa. This is BS. 

If these people come to Samoa, how is Samoa going to take care of them?

We cannot handle the poor in Samoa as it is. This is an unfair burden that the U.N. has deemed a worldwide issue but noone told these idiots to start fightingand killing each other, they did it to themselves. 

And to import that type of threat right into Samoa?

Are you serious? Who do you think is terrorizing England right now and all the European nations? These refugees. 

Please understand the underlying agenda of the distribution of refugees to the entire world. This is a destabilizing tactic that will cause great stress and change in the nations where these refugees inhabit. 

They are not coming for a vacation and returning to their homeland...they are coming for good. 

The objective is for these refugees to become Samoan citizens and in time change the homogeneity of our country. 

Why? Well that is the million-dollar question...who stands to benefit if the nations of the world become overwhelmed by the economic stress of catering to these refugees? 

The UN is the diplomatic arm of the same people trying to destabilize America. There is more here than meets the eye. 

Do not give up your sovereignty for anything or anyone. We must protect Samoa first. Let the refugees stay in their own country and fix their own country. We have our own problems to deal with.


Albert Ainu’u

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