‘By their fruits, ye shall know them’

Dear Editor,

Re: Development Plans for Savai’i

I testify that what Mepaelo has said is so true. 

We from the island of Savaii can feel this coming. Another bit of a laugh added to many laughs at Stui’s previous/current fagogo.

This time, the “Clown’s” feet sweat in his cold office and early bird introducing his election campaign through development plans for Savai’i and wishing Savaii could have a new look at its town in the next 5 years. Next Election? Why not Yesterday? Why not NOW?

That’s how slow you are Mr. Folafola; developments for my beautiful island of Savaii must be done way back then, in the last 15 or more years. 

Sao ai lesi kala foi lega, “ua loomakua a si koeaiga”.

“What is good for Upolu is good for Savaii,” is a thief of time, no need, untrusted and aikalafu statement that no one ever wants to hear. One word to describe today’s leaders is “selfish”. That statement only has a meaning when “Lana Afioga ia Tofilau Eti Alesana” was a PM. He worked for two islands like solving simultaneous equations; can’t solve the problem and get the final answer without each equation contribution. 

Tuilaepa tried to prove it and he got it all wrong.

But let me tell you from the north side of the Mountain View why Mr Clown wanted to keep entertaining.

1. Looking back the whole time Mr Folafola being a Dictator, he always trying to do flashy things on election periods ONLY to attract/collect fools voted/voting for his crew and support his political party so that he can keep going. Voters who were tapped in $$$ and voted for HRPP are the first ones to cry out of poor, slaves at costs, unemployment and facing so many sufferings in the country. By 2020 election, Savaii’s unwanted colourful town is his target. NO, because ‘YOU’RE NOT A MAN OF LOVE’. Samoa knows your fruits.

2. Mr Clown turned to Mr Anger when Salelologa solved the puzzle by rejecting Chinese set-up business on customary lands of the village. Mr Anger knew that Salelologa is the core part of Savaii, but now his dear Chinese got rejected from one of his many targeted areas because more than half of Upolu’s customary lands were sold without knowing. Do you and your HRPP feels like building a flashy town in Salelologa and trying stealing people’s land to pay for your debt can solve the issue? NO. E le valea uma vale o Samoa. Good on Siumu also on banning Chinese shops in their village. Who/Where other men amongst you? Yes, we need visionary villages like Salelologa and Siumu; once Mr Clown stops entertaining, in reality, volcanoes starting erode and we’re like people running everywhere. Yes, taste the bitterness of the fruits.

3. Taxes in your pockets and Debts created by you and your party must pay off first. Do you feels like setting up more Chinese shops and collect taxes from both business and customary land owners can minimize debts? NO. As long you’re true to yourself and the country can makes all the difference. The country must know how much yous pocketed from different source of income because you are accountable and must for that. You live of those fruits.

For myself, if one of Gatoaitele Malifa or Palusalue or Fiu (from Sili) was saying about this development, I would support and trust one of them. But for someone with a poor attitude running the country like his own like Mr Dictator, is just like a barking dog (his own words) barking to and fro. 

If you want taro, just tell the country you want some taro instead of asking taamu but needing taro so bad.

E tuu faafeagai mea uma, afai o loo feola fiafia tagata ile olaga nei i ni auala piopio, ou te tautino atu o loo faatali mai tiga e le gata mo i latou. Ua latou iloa lava o latou taunuuga ma ua silafia e le Tama oi le Lagi lena mea.

So it’s time to show repentance while have time; first to God and the country that are truly suffer during your time. 



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