Read and learn Wendy!

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. Tuilaepa is not a dictator 

Complete Rubbish as usual from Wendy. If 5 H.R.P.P. candidates run in the same district, it actually decreases the chances of the H.R.P.P. winning the seat.

That is because the H.R.P.P vote is split over five candidates.

Please observe:

1. Let’s say that in a particular seat, 1500 people normally vote H.R.P.P. if there is only one H.R.P.P candidate, that candidate will get all or most of those 1500 votes and win the seat by a landslide.

2. However, if they had five H.R.P.P candidates to choose from, the H.R.P.P vote would definitely be split amongst those five H.R.P.P members - 250 to one guy, another 300 to another guy, 450 to another guy, 100 to another, 400 to another guy.

3. If there is only one Tautua party candidate, then it is highly likely all the people who normally vote for the non-H.R.P.P or opposition candidate will vote for the Tautua party candidate. If there are normally 500 opposition voters in that seat, then most of those 500 votes would go straight to that one Tautua party guy. 

Given that the opposition voters are likely to be highly motivated to vote for the non-H.R.P.P candidate, they are likely to turn out in full force. Therefore, all of those 500 votes would go to the Tautua party guy. There is no guarantee that the HRPP voters would turn out in full force as they are used to winning and some of them may stay home and tend to the pigs instead.

4. Therefore, in the final count, the Tautua party candidate is the one that wins the seat with 500 votes, followed by the H.R.P.P. candidate on 450 votes, the other H.R.P.P. candidate on 400 votes, and so on and so forth.

Therefore, in conclusion, you are wrong. 

The H.R.P.P. candidate has less chance of winning if they have more than one candidate. The Tautua party candidate has a much greater chance of winning if they only have one candidate (as they should always do because that is strategically a smarter move for them).

As for the seat of Lepa, so what if he is elected unopposed. Plenty of MPs around the world are elected unopposed. Plenty of MPs around the world in western democracies are disqualified from standing under the local electoral laws. It is not unique to Samoa.

As usual, you come out with the most ridiculous arguments to support your rubbish assertion that Samoa does not have a democratically elected leader.

All because you are an open supporter of Bainimarama, a guy who should be sent to the International Criminal Court for his military coup in 2006. 

He is nothing but a criminal and all the clowns who support him in Samoa lose all credibility when they compare him to Tuilaepa.


PS Jeffrey 

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