Young mother’s duty of care

By Ilia L Likou 22 October 2017, 12:00AM

Nothing in this world can be compared to a mother’s love. 

Their dedication and sacrifice is a priceless jewel. 

Such is the love of 21-year-old Filoi Pesamino from Toamua-Uta for her and her husband’s baby. 

Filoi stays home to look after her grandmother. Speaking to the Village Voice team yesterday, she saidstaying home came with lot of responsibilities.

“Life for us Samoan mothers isn’t easy,” she explained.

“I have only one child and my husband works at one of the companies in town and he helps us with my other brothers everyday in providing for us financially.”

She said staying home “doesn’t mean that all we have to do is just eat and sleep all day long especially when you have older people who rely on you everyday to look after them.”

“I’m not saying that those who work to provide for our family are not good enough.”

Asked about her daily schedule, Filoi said she does all the chores around the house while waiting for her family.

“I know my role as a mother is to take care of my family, when everyone leaves home then I just do the laundry and prepare the family’s meal for when they all come back home.”

“To us, it’s a blessing to serve our families with all our heart especially cooking food and by the time others get back from work, dinner is already prepared.”

Filoi says a mother’s role is nothing easy.

“Yes, a lot of weight falls on the shoulders of us mothers, especially those who stay home and we are expected to do so much; we take care of this and that; we do these chores and those chores.”

Although they are rarely commended for their hard work, Filoi says mothers are very important in every family.

“We mothers are very important within every family,” she said.

“We are the ones who bring the family closer together and that is what I do with my family. It’s not just me; mothers all over Samoa deal with this.”

Filoi added although the father of the house played an important role, a mother’s area of expertise is the home.

By Ilia L Likou 22 October 2017, 12:00AM

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