Who’s paying the Scientists

Re: Coconut debate 

You have to ask first who is paying the scientists, where are they working from, etc... 

This is why countries like Samoa will be at a disadvantage, they can’t afford to do fair studies with their own scientists. I think they should look at history and see how many times they have been lied to by the first worlds food industry and their so called scientists and their studies and fight back with this logic. 

The Samoan people were healthy eating their traditional diets that relied heavily on coconut until they were told by Nestles and others that their traditional diets were unhealthy. Hogwash! Resist with your dollars or your pounds or your tala. Only buy Samoan coconut oil. 

The water studies are stupid too. Probably put out by scientists hired by whoever it is that makes Gatorade. Now excuse me I’m going to go get some water because my surgeon told me the only way I can prevent my illness from returning after my surgery was to drink only water and get lots of fiber and to stop eating white bread.

You know kinda what a traditional Samoan diet would be like.



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