People should just leave her alone

Dear Editor,

Whether the stigmatism is true or not, that is not our job to judge!

People of Samunda - you just keep your conceited statements to yourself. You run your flappers like water running down the drain and complacently think you are all so flawless. 

You talk as if you are perfect and had not committed an inch of a sin. You are one of them people that Jesus told “to throw a rock if you had not committed a sin”....

You say that the incident with the poor girl is NOT Christ-like (that’s for God to judge NOT YOU). Then why don’t you just take one step back and think again, if what you are doing, “running your mouth and judging” is Christian-like??? 

Would God be happy to hear your mocking  remarks? Don’t you think that what you’re doing is exactly the same as the Romans did to Jesus Christ!

This has always been the case and nature of beings. When one person becomes a victim of any or some sort, people will just turn around and attack by judging, verbally abusing and mocking. NOT one will even try and ease the tension or make a super change to the fire burning. 

Yes you have your freedom of speech to speak whatever you like, but before you open that “hive of pollution” you must deeply think if what you will say will actually hurt others, people around you, your neighbours? 

That is what a true Christian will do - love thy neighbour. 

How would you take it, if it was your relative or your close friend OR if it was YOU that this incident had happened to? 

Would you still negatively comment? Would you alleviate or help aggravate it severely? Would you still want to boastfully spark a joke? IT ALL COMES DOWN to EMPATHY AND UNDERSTANDING. LEAVE HER ALONE!!! FEELING FOR HER!!!


Alosio Anastasia 

Fantasia Vancouver Stanley

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