Just fix the basic needs at the airport please

Dear Editor,

I still do not understand why we are spending all these millions of tala on the airport. The real tourists (not our relatives visiting our families here) do not care if our airport looks like their airports. They are here to see our island, our culture, relax, etc.

Just fix the “TOILETS” in the departure, arrival lounge and the one outside the general public area. THEY ARE DISGUSTING AND UNHEALTHY.

As for your points of increasing retail space to lease out to pay for the loan, that will never happen. Nobody wanted to set up a business there because there is no “volume” to justify how expensive the leases will be.

I do know this and it’s also a fact that the govt will raise parking and entrance fees for the airport, increase departure taxes, heck Stui might consider charging a fee per person to enter the airport as well, raise more taxes on goods and services to pay for the loan.

Also another $140 million tala that will add to our debt, and Stui and all his cronies will all be dead before this $140 million tala is paid off, and our younger generation will carry the burden.

Being a materialist is not a solution, we do not eat fancy buildings and a fancy airport. We need help on education, health and to provide employment to all the kids that just graduated from NUS, Medical schools, and colleges.

Also fix that town area, every time there’s a small drop of rain, it floods like hell, and that is where the real tourists will never come back.


Ola Fia 

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