Something needs to be done

Dear Editor,

I can confirm these little hoodlums are a growing issue in Samoa. 

Often the street vendors (kids) congregate around the McDonald’s drive through area, harassing patrons that are there to buy their dinner. 

I was disgusted to witness firsthand the smart mouth tactics of the kids towards a couple of tourists that were waiting in the drive through line. 

The kids began swearing and throwing verbal abuse (in Samoan) towards the couple. 

After confronting the children and telling them to pull their heads in and stop being rude, they turned their verbal abuse towards me. 

The smallest one (8 or 9 years old) reached through my car window whilst I was mid-lecture and tried to hit me across the face with his air fresheners, before he took off full sprint into the adjacent car park. 

As thick-skinned as I am, I dread to think what the poor tourists think of our island paradise. 

We seriously need to do something about these kids roaming the streets. If they find content beating up poor, helpless, homeless disabled people, what does it say about the values they have and how far they will go?


B. M

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