Natural High

Think a minute…Imagine a drug that not only made you feel good, but was good for you. And best of all, it was free! A former drug addict named William Burroughs says:  “Every feeling you get on drugs you can get without drugs.” People who get high on marijuana often say they are able to laugh at anything. But they are wrong in thinking that the fun comes from the marijuana. It is actually their own ability to laugh and have fun which they already possessed. So all the drug problems of damaging or even destroying our bodies, brains, families, friends and careers are completely needless and not worth it. 

It is a biological fact that we were born with powerful chemicals already in our bodies that can give us these great feelings and highs. But how do we activate and enjoy these great feelings? Simply by choosing to. Did you know that fun and happiness is a choice? When we choose to be happy, to laugh, to have a positive attitude, and to love others, then our whole body chemistry changes. We get new energy, confidence, and a totally new perspective on our situation and life. We feel better in every way.

Victor Frankl’s famous true story tells about the horrible torture and suffering the Jews experienced every day in a Nazi prison camp. They were treated even worse than animals! Yet Victor Frankl and some of his fellow Jews chose to have fun and enjoy every day. They simply decided to create their own life of happiness by seeing the good in each other and the world, even with all the evil, painful things being done to them daily. 

A well-known, successful man says that you can make any job fun. He says:  “If it’s not fun, then you’re not doing it right.”  Real fun and happiness only comes when you choose to change your mind and attitude. And Jesus, who gave you the ability to be happy, can help you start changing today. But you must sincerely ask Him to forgive you and take full charge of your heart, thinking and way of living. Jesus is the only One Who can help you bring out all the fun and happiness He already put inside you when He created you. If you will decide to live His way each and every day, you can live with a natural high—no matter what problems you are facing or pain you are feeling. Just think a minute…

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