You have brought war upon yourself

Dear Editor,


I response to Karl Marx, ok lets try and follow your logic:

1) I understand history well and the plight of what you are referring to. 

Please tell me: a) take money and the “white man” out of the equation and what do you have? Let’s pretend that it didn’t exist and cultures/race were left intact, what do you suppose is the case scenario? 

Do you think Christianity brought positive or negative affects? Do you think Samoa was better off before the white man came? Do you know what the true meaning of Sun Tzou’s “divide and conquer” strategy is, or Trotsky’s coinage of the word “Racism”? Do you understand fully the “symbolic” meaning of Scriptures Matthew 26:11.?

2) What system do you prefer that Samoa should adopt? Explain to me the system that has existed in the world that takes care of the poor and has done well by it. Since I am a registered conservative Republican, I espouse laboring and getting an education to take care of my family and owning what is rightfully mine through hard work and perseverance. I donate a lot of my hard-earned money that I created from the sweat of my brow. I’ve persevered under the free market “capitalist” system because it has the “freedom” to apply one’s self, and not relying on the government.

3) Do you think that the “end-result” of this debate will improve the poor and the homeless situation that you cited? Let’s say that you repeal the Act, then what? Is your water situation going to improve? If so, how?

Point Being: There is a concerted effort to overthrow Samoa’s independence and her governing body. This is not an accident because they are funded by SOROS, et al. Since we’ve tracked the minions that are “loud mouths” and agitators, they have a pattern of using the poor and working class people to incite revolution and disrupt order. 

This is who Karl Marx and Friederich Engels were. They espoused Socialism, Marxism and Communism. Mark my words now that Revolution is upon Samoa, and she’ll lose everything not because of the outside forces, but simply due to being divided from within, and they are certainly being played as “puppets” of the global dominance.

By the way, I did not cite my background just to cite it. Your manner of speech tells me exactly what your level of ignorance is about. What you should have done is cite your “logic” and then we’ll tackle it. 

What makes you think that I don’t know what is going on in Samoa?

I was reflecting on my genealogical royal lines and the historical suffering, pain and poverty that Samoa witnessed during the pre/post “Mau”. 

I’m talking about overcoming hardships and regardless of what situation you’re under, you persevere no matter what. 

Blaming the “white man” doesn’t do any good. 

After all, we are all subject under the “white man’s” SYSTEMS.

Discern if the people of Samoa were better off before the white man entered the scene. 

The Samoan culture are warriors; therefore, brutality and warring with each other were some of the norms; they were cannibals; they didn’t have the “perspective” of developing their own “minds”; hence, the resorting to physical killing and subjecting to cruelty. 

The “light” came through Christianity, and rightly so. 

Tell me, were they better off before the encountering with the white man? If so, what are the pros and cons ----before and after?

I’ve seen your numerous posts elsewhere and your gathering of minions to disrupt and destroy. 

Bottom line is you are playing the “PITTING” game with SOROS funding the disruption. Hence the article’s citation of Karl Marx. 

If you think you are going to “USE” the poor and the working class to incite and overthrow Samoa’s independence, you have brought WAR on yourself. 

Make no mistake about that.

And before you throw out garbage and the usual attacks of a concerted effort to destroy, try to discern what the pre/post “Mau” was about. 

Since your genealogy doesn’t have an impact back in the day and to date, don’t blame the “white” man and his systems that has brought numerous changes amongst the people of Samoa. .

You better cut this Socialism/Marxism/Communism BS out of the dialogue. It doesn’t belong in Samoa.

Certainly, you are clueless about that. Who are you again?


Nafanua Salamasina Malia Muagututi’a-Herz

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