Let’s see proof 

If you had listened to Parliament two weeks ago, you would’ve noticed that a certain Cabinet Minister was immodestly praised for turning around the results at the Ministry under his portfolio.

We’re talking about the Ministry of Education by the way.

Just about every M.P. who referred to the Minister in Parliament hailed him as some sort of hero for the work being done. 

Fine. But it would be good to actually see those results, wouldn’t it? For instance, what was the pass rate for last year? 

And what about the quality of students entering the National University of Samoa with programmes like the Faculty of Education and other less popular programmes. Nothing wrong with being hailed a hero but let’s see the results first. Otherwise it just becomes a joke.


Internal squabbling 

The management of a prominent local corporate company had to act quickly after staff members threatened to walk out over the behaviour of a certain senior leader. 

Certain staff members were concerned about the senior staff member’s behaviour in relation to a female work colleague and other issues – including bullying.

It didn’t help that when he was needed at work on a particular day, he was apparently MIA only to be reported with you know who.

The matter reached the top.

Quick action and damage control were required.

It’s been settled. For now. 


Public servants 

or car park lords?

It’s good that the Government is encouraging public servants to put members of the public first in what they do. About time too. And where can they start? BTL has a simple suggestion. Why not remove all their names and positions from the carpark at those government-owned buildings so that members of the public, especially the sick and elders, can find park? It’s ridiculous that about 70 percent if not more of the parking space at these buildings – especially T.A.T.T.E. – are all allocated to public servants.

So much for being public servants! They might as well be called public lords or car park lords. What makes it worse is that taxpayers then pay the security officers who police these parking spaces all day.

BTL reckons it’s about time the Government cut out all this talk about service this and that until they can actually walk it. Seriously.

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