Hebrew writings explained

A story titled “God speaks to Samoan through Hebrew” raised eyebrows last month.

The story said that a girl claiming to carry the marks of Jesus Christ’s suffering, Toaipuapuaga Opapo, has been writing messages in Hebrew.

On Friday at the office of the E.F.K.S TV, Toa’s father, Reverend Opapo Oeti, staged another press conference to say that the words have now been translated to English.

Rev. Opapo said the translation of the writings were carried out by the Principal and the Malua Theological College.

“I did not translate any of this,” he said. “It was the Theological College because I have no knowledge of this whatsoever and so does Toa.

“I just want to make sure that people will not be thinking that I was the one who translated all of these. We took copies to the Catholic, the Methodist and also the Prime Minister and he sent some of these writings to the Jews in Wellington New Zealand.

“So these are the translations from the Malua Theological College and we are still waiting for other copies from the Methodist and the Catholics.”

Asked why Toaipuapuaga was not present during the press conference, Rev. Opapo said she was occupied with her time with God.

 “It will not be easy for her to appear in the media again because she wants to prepare her mind and soul when God sends her messages and speak to her,” he said.

“But I am here on her behalf to reveal the meanings of the writings from the past weeks.”

Some of the messages translated were revealed during the press conference. They are Biblical texts found in Isaiah and Matthew among others.

“This is my servant that I have chosen,” reads one message. “I am straight from them. Never deny in front of your friends or I will deny you in front of my father.

“I love all of you so tenderly that I sacrificed my life in order to save you but you still deny me.”

Rev. Opapo maintained that his daughter was chosen by God for this purpose.

“We know many accusations went viral saying that these are all from the devil but this is what the devil is trying to do so that people will not get the message,” he said.

“However, we are doing our work and that is to share the message of God through Toa.”

He went on to say that he understands where people are coming from.

“Many people who believe in God’s message he sent through Toa approached us and said that we she should start up a church because all the signs are there and they believe in it,” he said.

“However, that is not the case all. 

“All I want is for the people to hear the message from God. As for starting up a new church, that won’t happen.

“There’s more than enough churches we have here for people to worship God but all we are doing is to deliver the message from the Lord.

 “Because Toa does not want to appear in the media, I am helping her to get this message out to the people of Samoa.”

Asked what the leaders of the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa are saying about all of this, Rev. Opapo said they have not spoken up yet.

He said it’s not because they don’t believe but there will come a time when they will speak about what they think of all of these things.

“They do believe but it is because these things are new to the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa so I guess that is the reason.

“But there will come a day that the elders will speak up.”

In conclusion, Rev. Opapo said everyone should be a messenger for God.

“Many people believe that only Church Ministers are messengers of God but I want to let everyone know that we are all God’s messengers,” he said.

“However, He (God) chooses who he wants to be His messenger and so we encourage you not let your faith die down but keep believing in God and He will continue to bless us all.”

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