What You See Is What You Get

Think a minute…You’ve heard the expression ”What you see is what you get.” Psychologists tell us that nothing controls our lives more than our self-image. We live like the person we see in the mirror. We are what we think we are. If you don’t think you’ll be successful, you won’t. You can’t be it if you can’t see it. Your life is limited to your vision. So if you want to change your life, you must change your vision of your life.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not that famous in 1976 when he met with a newspaper reporter. The reporter asked Schwarzenegger: “Now that you’ve retired from bodybuilding, what do you plan to do next? Schwarzenegger answered very calmly and confidently: “I’m going to be the #1 movie star in Hollywood.” The reporter was shocked and amused at Schwarzenegger’s plan. At that time, it was very hard to imagine how this muscle-bound bodybuilder, who was not a professional actor and who spoke poor English with an Austrian accent, could ever hope to be Hollywood’s #1 movie star!

When the reporter asked Schwarzenegger how he planned to make his dream come true, Schwarzenneger replied: “I’ll do it the same way I became the #1 bodybuilder in the world. First I create a vision of who I want to be, then I start living like that person as if it were already true.” Sounds almost childishly simple, doesn’t it? But it worked! Schwarzenegger DID become the #1 highest paid movie star in Hollywood! Remember: “If you can see it, you can be it.”

A successful businessman I know wears a shirt with these words on it: “Don’t pursue your dreams. Chase ‘em down and tackle ‘em!” You only get one life to live, so why not live the best life possible? And doesn’t it make sense that the One Who invented it is the One Who knows the best way to live it? So ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for living your own way, and to take charge of your life every day. He’ll help you start seeing and being the success He created you to be—so you can be fully satisfied with what you see and get in life. Just Think a Minute…

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