One of the biggest reasons for hardships

Dear Editor,

Some people have expanded our culture to level of uncontrollable greed by those in leadership roles. Churches have put so much burden on our people.

I was at a birthday celebration recently and 12 faifeau were invited with only one of them is the family’s faifeau. 

All 12 faifeaus were given sua along with monetarily envelopes. 

I asked why the other 11 were given the same acknowledgement as the sole family faifeau. The answer baffled me even more. 

They said because members of each church demanded that their faifeau gets the same as all others or they won’t let their faifeau attend. Each faifeau will be escorted by leaders of the church. They too received cases of pisupo and chicken.

That’s the unnecessary burden that are being used to further the struggle of our people with our culture.

What is so sad about this story is the fact that all the faifeau that were invited are related to the guest of honor. It was her 100th birthday.

That’s one of the biggest reasons for all the hardships we face today.



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