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Dear Editor,


The greatness of a man should not be measured by what he said but what he does. It was said that when one of Socrates student went to consult with the Oracle of Delphi asking the priestess if there was anyone greater then his teacher Socrates, her response was none.

It was Socrates that coined the phrase “Man know thyself.” Before we venture out and know the world, we should first know who we are. We have been conditioned to think less of ourselves then what the divine intended for us. The problem with society is that we’ve lost conscious of who we are. The love of material things has ruined mans divine being. The creation of money has made man lust for power.

Before the arrival of Christianity in Samoa with their corporate intent, we were already enlightened people. They’ve changed our lives from knowing the truth in giving us a belief system based on a carbon copy of ancient Egyptian Mythology. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s the truth. If you really want to know the truth read the book’ “Suns of God.”

Some of us cannot handle the truth because we’ve been condition too long to think otherwise. It is our nature that personify what our culture is all about.

The love and caring was already factor in before Christianity arrived. The Ava fatafata and va fealoaloa’i was already in place in our culture as well. So the elements that set the motion for us in accepting Christianity was not a new concept to us. They sold us back of what we’ve already know.

Before you condemn me for what I’m saying, or accuse me of being a heretic, Albert Einstein said; “condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” You have to do your own homework and due diligence in order for you to relieve yourself from the entanglement of deception and fear. The entity that gave us our Religion our Western style governments and our banking institutions are of the same.

I echoed one of His Highness Tuiatua’s speeches titled “O Samoa ose atunu’u tofi, ele’o se atunu’u taliola.”

In it, he mentioned that Samoa was never intended to reinvent the wheel so to speak. I’m paraphrasing. E le’i fa’atalitali Samoa ise mau mai fafo e fa’avae ai ona Tofiga. He said, Ele mafai ona e iloaina le atoatoaga ose mea se’i vagana ua e asiasi ile afuafu ose mea. That was a profound statement for those that have the “Tofa male Utaga loloto” to go in depth of what it meant.

You will never understand the totality of something unless you revisit the origin of these things. It inspired me and it became the guiding light of my being to do my research and venture out and find the truths of these things.

We grew up in a society that we just went along to get along with a lot of things and we never intended to ask the question where these ideas and concepts came from. Our parents went along with it, their parents and great, great grand parents as well. Like what Socrates was trying to embedded in the harts and minds of his student to use logic rather then believing. Engage in a dialogue to question everything from the authority.

The duality of light vs darkness. When there’s light, you ca n see[knowledge] and where is darkness, you can’t see[belief]. The two words you should familiar with, philosophy vs theology. I will take philosophy any day because; it’s what you see is what you get. The pursue of knowledge and understanding. There’s substantiated evidence to support an argument with philosophy. 

With Theology, it’s a belief system based on the dogma of Faith, which is hoping that if you’re a good sheep you will inherit the kingdom of God. 

My question is, Who died, went to the other side and came back and tell us what they said were true?

Or was it the fear mongering that they instil in us to believe in these doctrine that brain washed us to believe in it?

The bible is the “magnum opus” of all literature. The best of the best ever written. Not written by God but by stoic philosopher. Was Religion a ploy by the elite to keep us in fear to control us while they’re raping the wealth of the earth? Seneca of the 4th century AD said. “Most people believe that religion is true, the wise thinks that it is false and the upper class thinks that it is necessary for control.” 

You will have to answer that question.

The truth has been obscured from the original or the indigenous people of the earth. I call on things as they are presented to me. I will never sugar-code anything, If Cinderellas shoe did not fit the step sister’s shoe that means it doesn’t fit the mould. I will never be an apologist for anything fictional rather then the truth.

Religion is a Geo political Instrument used by those in power to divide and conquer the masses of people.

The dumping down of society was a construct to silent the masses, but now people are waking up and realize that we’ve been lied to and they are now starting to read and educate themselves to know the truth. 

We knew who the Divine is or the Silisiliese already. The Almighty doesn’t have a name It was the European that coined the word God based on Egyptian Mythology Anubis the dog, spell backwards. The God of the u nder world.

We knew how to navigate using the stars, going fishing and kolo gau when the moon is waxing. 


Now we don’t know how to navigate using the stars anymore. The concept of As Above So Below. As Leonardo Davinci said. “Our body is the measure of the Universe.” There is the correlation between our microcosm.[earth] and the macrocosm[heaven]. If you ask a child where God is, he or she will point to Heaven. The religions of the world condemn us that its of the devil if you know astrology.

Yet our ancestors were great astrologers.

They navigate using the stars to sail the vast Pacific ocean finding new land and colonizing them; the east star the brightest of all the Orion belt constellation the southern cross all these heavenly bodies were our guide to our destinations in the old days. 

Our Oratory speeches are based on nature. Our poetry our fagogo, folklore, myths etc, are all one. In other words Politicians have been using the God of money that Christianity brought with them, that’s why they invoke his name without any retribution, and they can get away with it.

When the Divine presents of the Universe should be the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent Almighty or the source of all things and the abundance thereof.

To be continued.

Ia manuia Samoa mo a taeao.


Leituala B.

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