About Leala’s switch

Dear Editor,


Interesting to read your article on “Leaders at odds over Leala’s switch” in your 15th Feb 2016 issue. Mr Editor, everyone saw it coming (Leala defecting). Faumuina Liuga had been on Leala’s case all this time to switch allegiance (like what He had been doing to all the other weaklings that eventually gave in).

And Mr.  P.M. should express delight in welcoming Leala (a founding member of Tautua) because its like mission accomplished when he sends his Faumui to talk on his behalf in trying to lure opposition members over.

O le mea a lea e tasi “O le finagalo o lo’u itumalo.” 

Who the ‘Bleep’ do you think you are kidding? That’s the same thing all others before you said, ae ga foi ua e sau oe fai mai. Sa’o ai le koeiga kua “Alu oe e vili mai sau aka fou, o le aka lega a lesi ga sa sau muamua foi vili mai”. 

I am from Faleata, and I voted you in last time because you were Tautua, NOT once did you call us in (your itumalo, the people who voted you in) to discuss whether we wanted you to switch to H.R.P.P. 

And yes, Palu is exactly right there. And poor Palu, You were his best friend, not only in politics but at S.C.O.P.A stuff and yet you have just cut him off.

And no, no, no Stui, Tautua didn’t name the Party after him, It was a name that came from the competition via the media. A genuine competition that was. 

Why should we name a party after someone like Leala?  And Stui “Aua e ke faamimika le kama” 

He came to Tautua with no hair.

And its not a disadvantage for the Tautua that Leala has left them, in fact, it is to their advantage. 

Why? Because there is one less person to try and figure out.

And what do you mean by “Only Leala knew the importance of the Constitution?”

If he had known he wouldn’t have joined you, because Your H.R.P.P have changed a lot of the Constitution of Samoa to your advantage. To suit you and your practises.

One thing I agree with in this article is the fact that Leala has a sling shot which he will hit back at the Tautua just as he did to you. 

Yes, the man has “the gift of the gap”, but remember what the Bible says about the tongue “the tongue is a fire, it setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.” 

So be careful when using your tongues brothers and Fathers. You might be smart, but God is watching you. But then, these words are a waste to arrogant and ignorant people.

A warning to some of the H.R.P.P members, some of yous will be neglected to compensate for Stui and Faumuina’s new recruit. They do it all the time. E kipi maka lava isi ae momogo aku sesi e vaai aku kama e malosi aku. 

Yes they’ve done it before, they’ll do it again. They just love you for that time they need you, e uma loa lou aoga, pei a oe se mea valea foi lele, e kiai a faafasi fa’I oe.

One more thing as mentioned in the article, a few MPs on the opposition or were on the opposition were also founding members of the H.R.P.P, they left because they saw what was happening to the party, People were killing others for power and corrupt practises. 

This never happened in the opposition. 


Snow P.

True Vaitele warrior

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