Samoa and her future generations

Dear Editor,

Samoa in the beginning was a newly independent country then, and received lots of help for our independent development. 

Our leaders were morally guided and righteously uphold the constitution of a country based on God. The country was not suffering from the lack of water neither they were hungry.

We are now in perilous times, our people are hungry, thirsty, the unhealthy food that you mention are unaffordable, which is probably a good thing. 

Our people are begging, suffering and we just graduated from the least development countries.

Financial Institutions entices their customers by lowering the interest rates, making available an almost unlimited ceiling of borrowed money or soft loans, which is very accessible. 

But development comes with a hope not a certainty, and that’s the reason why we have so many white elephant developments that swallowed up millions of dollars but no return. 

The taxpayers then will have to foot the bill and pay millions of dollars plus interests not to mention the normal expenditures for that particular time, in which it cannot be paid in one generation with long grace periods that will stretched out to multiple generations.

Then we are talking about thirst, hunger, and lots of murmuring and complaints.

If we are not doing so well today, what make you think that we can provide for the next generations when we can’t provide for ourselves. 

The only inheritance we are leaving for our future generations are the huge infrastructures and the large national debts. 

Unless of cause China and the US ignore their country and send all the money to Samoa then we’ll leave our future generations with something to be proud of.


Galufaitoo Tautuailevao

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