Mixed reaction to parking meters

09 August 2018, 12:00AM

“Parking meters is the way of the future. That’s clearly the message from the Government after several parking meters were installed in different parts of the Apia Towship this week. What do you think about paying to park in Samoa? Our reporter, Adel Fruean, asked members of the public in today’s Street Talk and this is what they said:


Michael Neemia, 42  Vaoala

There are two sides to every story, there is a good side and a bad side. The bad side of this new parking system is that even if I am only parking for a short time like five minutes, I still pay. The good side is that maybe we cannot see it yet, but it is part the Government’s developmental plans to make our country greater. But so many people complain and ridicule every new programme implemented by the Government. Changes are required for moving forward.


Pisinisi Seiuli, 41 Vaitele fou

I support the new system. The reason is that I think it is an initiative introduced by the Government to try and help with the development of our country. It is an opportunity for our people to contribute to a better Samoa and also help out with the debt that our country is in. There is no country that is not in debt, all countries loan so that there can be new developments, a better upgrade.

Fiamatai Poe, 31 Fasitoo tai

These are all changes being forced in from overseas. We are a small country and there are so many new things. I believe that these are all part of Government’s strategies to help with paying our increasing debt. I disagree with this new parking meter system. It doesn’t help with so many people and their financial situations.


Samuelu Fiso,  22 Taufusi

It is true what they say that there are so many changes in Samoa. I believe the Government has used this new system as a way to make money to pay so many loans that our country owes. This new system has been put in place at a disadvantage for so many drivers, the only option now is to leave the car home and walk to the shop, but then that’s a difficulty for those who live far from shops and stores.


Potoae Samuelu, 23 Vaoala

I do not support this new parking meter system. Samoa is a small island and it is a developing country, not only that, most families struggle, not everyone has the same situation. But with the input of this new system, this will add another financial burden on people. To us the taxi drivers, we tend to come with passengers to do their shopping while we wait for them, but now we will have to pay every time we park. That itself is a struggle for us.

09 August 2018, 12:00AM

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