Stopping adding insult to injury

Dear Editor,

Re: U.S. Ambassador Brown comes bearing 5 computers, two printers and a long list.

That was some list U.S. Ambassador Scott Brown trotted out last week about what great things America First is doing in Samoa. 

But it reminded me of what former U.S. Defense Secretary Colin Powel said about how to cope with pressure. Don’t sweat the small stuff, he said. 

Ambassador Brown’s long list was nothing but small stuff indeed in the real world of aid giving and making a difference in the fight against poverty and inequality. 

If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t have to talk so much about it. It’s like giving children lots of little wrapped up trinkets as presents to make them think they’re having a great birthday opening them up. 

We also have a saying when doing something for other people Ambassador Brown might like to keep in mind when trying so hard to sell his country with so little. “Aua le toe feauina au mea.” Don’t make a song and dance about what you give or do for others. 

You only offend especially when you’re gabbing on about what you wanted to give them, not what they might have really needed or wanted.  Try being a little bit more circumscribed like some of the bigger aid givers like China. 

And Ambassador Scott Brown ought to know if he has any sense at all that he also offends every time he gasses on about helping Samoa with climate change mitigation and resilience. 

Stop adding insult to injury. The only help of any real value he can give Samoa on climate change if he can, is to get his bosses in Washington to stop being so greedy. 

The planet has more than enough for every ones’ needs, but not for the greed of some on top of it.  Stop destroying the global environment and putting everyone in peril

Climate change is real, it is here, and hurting the most those who contributed the least to causing it, even as we speak. 


Suega Niu 

Fake News Watchdog.

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