Agree with your critics

Think a minute…Do you usually agree with people when they criticize you? Probably not. But just for fun, try it sometime. Agree with the criticism that people might give you. At first, it won’t feel natural or fun because when people criticize us, our natural reaction is just the opposite.

We feel hurt like we’re being attacked. So as our blood pressure shoots up, we fire back our own criticism of that person like a counter-attack. But think of all the time and energy we waste reacting with anger to criticism.

A famous, successful person says:  “I’ve learned to take criticism seriously, but not personally.” You see, friend, it just might be true—at least part of it. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got lots of room for improvement.

So let’s take all the help we can get, even if it hurts a little, because the truth hurts sometimes. And if part of that criticism of us is simply not true or fair, then just take the part that is true and do something about it.

Let it change you and make you a better person. Make it work for you to your advantage. As they say, “Spit out the bones and keep the meat.” It will make you stronger in your character. So we need just to chew on that criticism of us and think about it for awhile.

God created us to have the character of Jesus Christ. One of the main reasons He became a human being was to show us the kind of nature and person He designed us to be. And all it takes is one look at Jesus to know we’ve got a long way to go to become that kind of person! So let’s learn all we can and take all the help we can get—even from our critics.

The truth may hurt, but it also can set us free from our wrong attitudes, motives, and behavior.

That’s the only way we can start becoming all we were made to be. Why not ask Jesus Christ to forgive for your wrong way of living? Then ask Him to help you start making the changes you need to make in your character and life.  Just Think a Minute…

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