Our traditional lands

Dear Editor

The current political problems in Fiji seem to stem from traditional lands with some political leaders thrown in police cells while meeting to discuss ways to use traditional lands for sugarcane plantations. 

Traditional land was a major reason the coups happened in 1987. 

The Fiji military position then and seems to be still the same now, is don’t touch traditional lands. 

The same players are involved, Baba, Chaudry, Rambuka and Fiji Military (Bani).

This is so similar to our own traditional lands which the government is in the process of putting outside of traditional ownership. 

Several scenarios can happen with our land and I greatly applaud the work of the four chiefs who are fighting this out with the government and its cohorts. 

Some of the Samoa Observer’s contributors to the Letter to the Editor are also relentless in their efforts highlighting the dangers of what the government is doing. 

The conclusion is either the government has been poorly advised, or is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice upon the altar of poverty alleviation, something Banimarama and the Fiji Military are not allowing to happen in Fiji. Our current leaders should make sure our traditional land is ironclad. 

It’s not negotiable.




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