God’s word is my word

Dear Editor

Re: No other choice than to work on the Sabbath

I’m sorry but God created the earth in six days, of which the SUNday is part of, but THE seventh day is THE sabbath of the Lord thy God, NOT the SUNday. God did not give man a choice in the matter.

The 4th commandment is very explicit and tells man, the crowning act of God’s creation, to REMEMBER THE sabbath day to keep IT holy. . .THE seventh day is THE sabbath. . .” God did not say the any seventh day, nor did He say any day of the week.

God said THE seventh day is THE sababth of the Lord thy God. For man to presume to change God’s holy blessed and sanctified rest day and teach others to follow a man made day of worship is. . . well, I am not God but I would be very concerned about it if I was.

The SUNday is a Catholic institution so all who keep SUNday as anything other than one of the six work days are following the Catholic church. Personally I prefer to take God’s word over any man-made institution any day.


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