State of Cross Island Road a disgrace

Dear Editor,

The Cross Island road from Tanugamanono to Tiapapata is probably one of the most used roads on the Island of Upolu and it is considered the worst road on the Island.

Now that does not add up?

The state of the cross Island road is so bad that cars are forced to drive at 10km an hour on a main road.

Whoever is in charge of up grading of the roads from the L.T.A to the Minister of M.W.T.I should be quite embarrassed with the state of that road.

Not only it is in very poor condition but it is absolutely unsafe for the drivers and especially for the walking public who share the main road with all the vehicles because there are no foot paths.

It is a quite a simple process fixing up these roads and I don’t mean just patching them up because that actually makes it more uneven. 

The budget should not be an issue as these roads have been in these conditions for more than 30years, and for no one to do anything about it is very poor decision making from these C.E.O’s and Ministers and also the leader of the pack. 

All the travelling public deserve better road conditions and safer roads.

It is way past the due date for when these roads should have been fixed. 

So to whoever is in charge in the decision-making, use your Power your Prestige and your Position to make it happen, if you can.

It is no use driving in your fancy cars and you can’t even perform in the job you were appointed to do. Now I hope this gives you some kind of motivation to put your words into action.

Remember one thing, with Man nothing is possible but with God anything is possible.

So show us where your Faith lies!!



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