Put our trust in God

Put your trust in God and he will ease your pain.

Sapati Tunufa’i of Vavau holds that view saying this is the key to a peaceful life.

The 59-year-old is a man of faith and his name, Sapati which means Sunday, says it all.

“No matter how messed up our world is nowadays, if you stick with God, trust me, you will live life without worrying,” Sapati told the Village Voice.

“You think I don’t realize the many problems arising in our society? I do but I’m only human and I can’t change the world for what it is now.”

“My family depends on what we get from the plantation because my children are not old enough to work for this family. My eldest is only 9 years old.”

“It’s hard to make a living from what we have because I get sick sometimes; obviously because my energy is not the same anymore but my family accepts and  are thankful for whatever we get even if it’s not much.”

“We all know that nothing comes with a cheap price anymore because the cost of living has gone up.”

“That’s why we prefer eating maybe just fa’alifu taro or ulu (breadfruit) with the pe’epe’e (coconut cream), and other times maybe with just elegi (can of fish). You see, there’s always another way for everything.”

He went on “Honestly, sometimes we can’t even afford to contribute to church and village obligations so we just miss out on that and for me; that’s okay because this life is not about being able to give something only, it’s also about failing and trying your best next time right?” 

“And also, we are the only family in our village that is still living at the beach after the tsunami tragedy and it’s not because we don’t have anywhere else to go but it’s because that is our home; and I feel that we are going to be fine.”

“And so far everything has been okay; we have water, electricity, and we have a good home, thanks to the government for donating home supplies for our house.”

“I mean there are still other things that needs to be improved for the betterment of our village like our roads; you can see there are way too many potholes which is not good for vehicles and also, this is an area for beach fales so we do have tourists coming over all the time and it’s something that needs to be fixed. But this is not my job, this is up to the government so I don’t need to worry about it.”

“The point I’m trying to make here is; everything will be okay when you accept to live your life with what God has provided for you.” 

“Because if you keep asking and seeking for more; stress will always be a friend of yours.”

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