You can’t win war on drugs

Dear Editor,

Re: Dealing with drug addiction in Samoa

You can never ever win the “War on Drugs.”

Why? Because drugs are a matter of personal choice or free will.

God gave every individual the free will to choose (right and wrong).

So we cannot overrule a personal choice no matter if it is right or wrong.

Therefore no one can stop an individual from taking those drugs.

Parents’ best advice and smacking won’t stop their children from taking drugs.

Government can make it illegal to take drugs but these “laws” won’t stop the individual from taking drugs.

Putting a drug user in jail won’t stop that person from taking drugs.

Health industries Issuing health danger warning information won’t stop the users from taking drugs.

Nothing will stop a drug user from taking drugs except for the individual alone who decides to stop taking it or carry on taking drugs.

If this individual needs help to stop taking drugs we must do our best to help them.

The only way to win the “war on drugs” is to accept it as part of man’s personal “bad” choices. And to offer solutions to individuals to make the right decision and not take the drugs in the first place.

If the individual is addicted to drugs help must be given to stop them from taking drugs.

The USA has spent $billions fighting the war on drugs and they will never win even if they spend $billions and $billions more. When they remove one supplier of drugs hundreds more appear from nowhere.

The problem is that many, many US Citizens are depended and addicted to drugs.


Siaosi Siomia

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