Embarrassment could’ve been avoided

Dear Editor,

Below is a quote from the P.M earlier this month with respect to the Rugby Union. “We are bankrupt,” he declared. “In other words we are insolvent. It means the Union cannot continue to pay off our debts with the banks. We also need money to pay the players so they can continue to play.”

If the P.M. can not keep the best money making revenue balanced, what faith should we as citizens have in this government?

Hand Written Boarding Pass in 2017? With all the security measures at all these National Airports? This is an embarrassment and another early sign of poor management of this P.M and his cabinet.

Instead of hiring family members to these roles, this government needs to hire qualified people that will execute or ensure dedicated terminals in foreign countries have all the proper tools/technology to meet Federal Aviation Requirements.

This is a major oversight between the Samoan Government. This oversight begs the question. Did the Samoan Government (Samoa Airways) paid upfront fees for these airports to supply all the necessary equipment for ticketing?

Each Airline must pay monthly fees to each airport if they are expected to fly in/out of. The fee charges by each airport help with daily operations and maintenance. Faleolo charges these fees as well.

In my professional opinion, someone was assigned to contact these other airports to ensure Samoa Airways is in its system in all of its terminals. All boarding passes are similar. 

It’s a simple name change from Virgin Air to Samoa Airways on the boarding pass. A low level I.T administrator could have done this work. It is that simple if someone from Samoa Airways or our government requested proof of a printed boarding pass from each International Airports.

I am hopeful that Samoa Airways will succeed regardless of these pitfalls. I am hopeful that our government will review its personnel and perhaps hire qualify people to execute this very important business venture for all of Samoa in our Island Nation and those are living abroad.


T. Leone

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